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Baby Guard Pool Fence Products in South Bay

At Baby Guard, we care about maintaining a level of craftsmanship unlike any other pool fence company, which is why we only use the highest quality parts and materials for our pool fence products in South Bay. Every pool fence we make uses strong stainless steel latches and screws with easy-to-attach sleeve inserts. We also provide deck caps made to match the color of your pool deck and cover the holes whenever your pool fence is not in use. With the time and effort we put into our products, we are confident our pool fence will stand against any and all environmental elements.

Clearview Mesh

Our Baby Guard Clearview pool fence mesh is made to be strong and sturdy, without overly obscuring view of the pool. Of all the pool fence meshes we offer, it is easily our most popular with our clients. One detail that sets it apart from other woven mesh designs is that the Clearview Mesh is knotted together, preventing it from sagging or being overly stretched out. The poles for the pool fence mesh are spread out every 36 inches, and with how thin it is this distance makes it practically see through. The Clearview Mesh also has mildew deterrent to enhance its durability, as well as UV stabilization. Our Clearview Mesh is available in black, beige, brown, blue, and white.

clearview mesh product pool fence

Standard Mesh

Another mesh product we are equally proud of is our Standard Mesh, this is a design we’ve had since the very beginning, and it is still available for purchase. While it is not see through like our Clearview Mesh is, the Standard Mesh is a lot more durable, while also being the most cost-efficient. Our Standard Mesh is only available in black

standard mesh product pool fence

Arched Self-Closing Gates

Our Arched Self-Closing Gate has the same features as the Standard Gate, all while still looking stylish. Of all our Closing Gate products, this style is easily our most popular as it totes the line between form and function.

We recommend equipping it with our Top Pull Model Magna Latch, an attachment that can be installed on any of our gates. It goes above the fence in order to stay out of your child’s reach. In addition to this, the latch is lockable via gate key in order to give it an additional layer of safety. Even after 400,000 tests, the Top Pull Model stayed as sturdy as ever. It has received many design awards, and has passed every required safety code.

In addition to the Arched Self-Closing Gate, we have partnered with the company D&D Technologies offer two replacement keys absolutely free. Click here to receive your free keys.

arch gate product pool fence

Self-Closing Gates

Whenever purchasing a pool fence from Baby Guard, we highly recommend that you get a Self-Closing Gate installed with it. We revolutionize the industry every day with our patented self-latching gates! Each gate can be fitted to any pool fence without putting any holes into your pool deck. This will allow you to later add another pool fence product. The gate is super easy to remove and replace without the need for any other adjustments to be made.

We also recommend using the Top Pull Model Magna Latch for this pool fence product as it is an important addition that can help keep your children as safe as possible.


self closing gate small

Reinforced XT7000 Poles

We recommend equipping your pool fence with the XT7000 pole. To date, it is our most durable pole yet! It is made with a QUAD X Design, and and industrial grade outer layer. In other words, we’ve made a pool fence product that will last you a very long time. Our poles also come in black, white, brown, beige, and brushed aluminum.

reinforced poles product pool fence

Safety Latches

Our company provides top of the line safety latches for your pool fence gates. Even if your child is a capable swimmer, there are times where it may be important to keep them from the pool. With our safety latch, we have provided you an excellent solution to that problem. This pool fence product will help keep your pool locked up whenever you desire and help keep your children safe.

child proof safety latch product pool fence

Deck Caps & Sleeves

Our Deck Caps and Sleeves are an important pool fence product as they allow you to plug up any holes within your pool deck when you are removing your pool fence. Our Deck Caps also come in beige, white, grey, and terracotta in order to better match the color of your pool deck and blend seamlessly to it.

deck caps product pool fence

Why Our Pool Fence in South Bay is Special

Easy Setup:

Our Pool Fence is custom tailored, this means that it can fit in any home or backyard in South Bay. Baby Guard’s Pool Fence is quick to install, only taking 2-5 hours depending on the average length and width of the pool. We only allow our certified Baby Guard experts to install a Baby Guard Pool Fence in South Bay.

Quick and Efficient Installation:

Our pool fence has been tested repeatedly by a reputable engineering firm, proving that it meets the design guidelines of ASTM F 2286-05, a design specification for pool fence meshes. Our fences also meet the National Safety Council Guidelines, and in some areas, it exceeded them. As per their recommendation, we made our pool fences 4-5 feet tall, as a better safety precaution. We also offer self-closing gate fences for better safety. Usually the installation process is overlooked by customers when they are deciding which company to buy their pool fences from. Here at Baby Guard, we are very careful with our installation, and will make sure that your pool fence adds safety and aesthetic to your property.

Simple Maintenance:

Because of their durable design, Baby Guard’s mesh and poles are made to have as little maintenance as possible. As for taking care of the fence yourself, we highly recommend washing it with a hose and mild detergent once every month to ensure it is at peak condition. Using WD-40 on the locks is also recommended. Having your pool fence inspected often is a good way to find any damage that may have occurred from weather related events.

Terrific Customer Support:

Should your fence receive damage from weather or basic wear-and-tear, you can call the closest Baby Guard office so that our representative can schedule a repair meeting with you as quickly as possible. Depending on the amount of damage or the services/materials required for the repairs a service charge may be applied. Luckily, Baby Guard’s manufacturer’s warranty covers the cost of all the materials/installation that was found to be defective, though the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover new damage.

The Importance of Supervision

While we at Baby Guard have faith in our product’s ability to prevent pool-related accidents, we see ourselves as an additional layer of safety and protection. We believe that the most effective form of protection from pool-related accidents is adult supervision, as well as the teaching and practice of pool safety guidelines. This includes teaching your child how to swim, entering the pool when an adult is available to watch them, and knowing what to do in an emergency. All of these practices, along with the addition of Baby Guard’s Pool Fence, should bring down the risk of an incident. Active adult supervision has no substitute, our fences simply serve as an additional line of defense.
By serving as an additional barrier, while also offering unobstructed visibility, Baby Guard’s Pool Fences will significantly lower the risk of pool-related incidents. With the addition of adult supervision and pool safety education, our South Baypool fences aid in providing an enjoyable yet safe environment for kids and adults alike.

What Makes Baby Guard in South Bay the Best in The Business?

Most Pool Fence companies around South Bay sell more than just pool fences. We believe that they stretch themselves too thin, and that by losing their focus on pool fences, they are compromising the safety of their products. At Baby Guard, we sell ONLY pool fences. We make sure that all of our attention goes towards making your pool fence the best it can be in both appearance and safety. This has enabled us to be the best in the industry. We are always working hard to make sure our fences safe for your children, and to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

*Pool safety devices, as well as pool fencing, should never be substituted for adult supervision. Always watch children and never let them out of your sight.


Make Pool Safety in South Bay Your Top Priority

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