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Pool Fence Safety Tips

At Baby Guard, care about making your pool as safe as possible, which is why we’ve dedicated a whole page to providing general pool safety tips that you can follow!

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Pool Fence Protection

Use multiple “layers” of protection to keep children away from the water when they shouldn’t be. These layers can include:

  • A non-climbable four foot fence that keeps the pool unreachable except by a fence gate.
  • A self closing/self latching fence gate that is at least 54 inches high and only opens outwards.
  • Alarms that will alert anyone trying to enter the pool, suspended five feet so as not to be reached by children.

Pool Fence Safety Practices

  • Keep all pool fence and related safety devices well maintained to ensure legitimate safety.
  • Keep all entrances to the pool, as well as the pool fence, locked at all times whenever it is not being used.
  • Drain water that is left on the pool covers and replace them after they have been used.
  • Make sure no chairs, toys, or anything that can allow for climbing, is nowhere near the pool fence.
Baby Guard Pool Safety Tips

Pool Fence Supervision Tips

It is important for adults to practice supervising their children while the pool is in use to ensure maximum safety. Here are some tips when supervising you children, or anyone’s child in general.

  • Keep an adult assigned as the “water watcher”, to supervise the pool area.
  • Having a second adult supervise the pool should be a big help as you shouldn’t assume one person will watch the pool the entire time.
  • Make sure no child is left alone by the pool.
  • Don’t think just because a child can swim that they are entirely safe.
  • If a child is missing around the house, check the pool area first.
  • Communicate these various pool safety tips with anyone in charge of watching these children.

Pool Fence Safety Preparation Tips

  • We advice at least one person near the pool to have certification in infant/child CPR.
  • Keep rescue equipment near larger pools. DO NOT use float-type toys as life saving equipment.
  • Keep a phone near the pool area incase you need to dial 911. Do not leave children unsupervised while using the phone.
  • Make sure everyone at the pool area knows how to use the safety equipment and how to call 911.
Baby Guard Pool Safety Prevention

Drowning Statistics

Drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional death for children ages 14 and under. It only takes a few seconds, before you can even answer a phone. It usually comes silently without warning. All it takes is a small body of water and a lack of supervision.

Every year, drowning takes the lives of around 1,150 children aged 14 and under. It is believed that nearly 5,000 children are hospitalized from near death experiences, and 5%-20% are permanently disabled after.

Two-thirds of all yearly drownings occur during the Summer, between May and August.

General Pool Safety Tips

  • Never let someone use the pool unless they know how to swim. It is also safer to swim with a buddy.
  • Know your swimming limits. Do not try to outperform someone else or encourage others to swim more than they are comfortable.
  • Only swim when there is supervision.
  • Listen to “No Diving” signs.
  • Make sure conditions are good for swimming, that it isn’t too cold or too hot, and that you aren’t tired or over exerting yourself.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while swimming, it makes it more difficult to keep afloat.
  • If boating or fishing, always use a life jacket.
  • Always keep track of what the local weather will be like.
Baby Guard Pool Safety Statistics

The Key to Preparation

Private pools are becoming more common in the modern day. Because of this it is becoming more important to be vigilant and protect our children from risk.

Drowning is a serious problem, and in certain states it is the number one cause of death for children under 5 years old. Some of these incidents lead to disabling brain damage.

69% of all drowning incidents occur when there is no adult supervision or any other additional layers of protection, such as pool gates equipped with locks or alarms. At Baby Guard, we believe in no compromise when it comes to pool safety, as it can become a life or death situation very quickly. As an adult, it is your responsibility to set pool rules and ensure that they are obeyed. 

At Baby Guard, we care about the safety of your children, which is why we believe our pool fences will serve as a great additional layer of protection for you and your family.  

Baby Guard Injury Pool Safety

*Pool safety devices, as well as pool fencing, should never be substituted for adult supervision. Always watch children and never let them out of your sight.


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